San Francisco Opera Ball

Friday I was asked to photograph the 90th Season opening gala for the San Francisco Opera with fellow freelancer Laura Morton. I had a lot of fun working with Laura and I was pretty happy with my images that night.

I asked permission to leave my 9-5 job at 4:30 and rushed to downtown SF so that I could start shooting by 5 p.m. I know I am still a really young photojournalist but I get really stressed out when I am not in control of when I can leave for an assignment. I would rather be 30 minutes or an hour early than two minutes late.

When I checked in at the green room I was handed a photo pass, shoved my stuff in a corner and headed out into the well dressed crowd… a sea of Chanel, Versace, Carolina Herrera, etc… I teamed up with the San Francisco Chronicles Carolyne Zinko for most of the night so that she could point out to me which dresses and people she wanted to talk about in her article.

The event was a lot more relaxed than the Black and White Ball I covered not too long ago. It was a smaller event and there was less security plus the action was in more concentrated areas. This made it easier to get from one spot to another but being a less diverse and smaller crowd there wasn’t as much to take photos of.

As patrons made their way from the War Memorial Opera House to the dinner tent there was a series of acrobats dressed as peacocks performing. It was really cool to watch and a lot of people whipped out their blackberries and iPhones to take pictures of them which slowed down the line a little bit. The tent was peacock themed and although I didn’t see any real peacocks I think they piped in sounds of them which was actually a little unpleasant. (Peacocks have an awful scream.)

I had to have my first batch of photos to the picture desk by 7:30 but after that the whole event was really stress free and I enjoyed myself. I ended the night sipping good coffee in a corner filing my photos around 1:30 a.m. as the straggling guests danced their way through the final songs.


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